ChubbSafes Evolve 876H x 600W x 500D



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Product Code: 30-EV002


All of Chubbsafes Evolve’s design features have been carefully selected to reduce personal injury, and to minimise bending, kneeling and reaching. The opening and locking system is automated and handle-free, which provides quick, easy access to valuables. The keypad lock placement at the top of the door
enables code entry in a standing position. Storage on the inside of the door provides quick access to smaller items. The higher, shallow format requires less reaching, and the soft, chamfered
edges result in fewer scrapes.


The European Certification Board of Security (ECB•S) is a neutral accreditation body that issues certificates for products in the
security industry. This certification offers maximum security in investment decisions, and a reliable and objective basis for
risk calculation by insurance companies. Chubbsafes Evolve has been certified EN 1143-1 in burglary protection. Its high-security
electronic lock is approved in accordance with EN 1300.

An ergonomic design can sometimes compromise aesthetics.